Capsule – The Online Pharmacy You Need to Try!

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Capsule is the online pharmacy you need to try!

Online Delivery Services Are Key

After the past two years we’ve had it’s become clear that there is a strong need for online delivery services. In times when people couldn’t leave their homes, or didn’t feel comfortable doing so, these services were instrumental in keeping us all going – be it for groceries, work from home equipment, gaming systems or more.

But even apart from the pandemic, it’s undeniable that online delivery services make our lives far more convenient. Whether it’s because you don’t have time to get to the store before it closes, you’re sick in bed and can’t go outside to get it, or the store is simply out of your way, online delivery services have been a huge boon for the busy professional.

Here in New York, we are absolutely obsessed with online delivery services. I can’t recall the last time I went into a store to buy something. Sure, if I’m going to go window-shopping or browsing that’s another story, but when I actually need things for my home, delivery is the way I go.

Wasting time in line at the pharmacy can be frustrating. There is a better way!

The Problem: But What About the Pharmacy?

However, the one area that did keep me going to the store until now was the pharmacy. And I really can’t begin to describe the frustration this has brought me over the years.

Firstly, they always have really short hours and are rarely open on weekends. Checking to find out if you have any refills on file is another headache: you can never get through to the pharmacist on the phones and there’s no simple way to check your file online. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited for ages on the phone for the pharmacist just to find out if I have any refills of my prescription on file or need to go to the doctor to have them refilled instead, only to have the phone line eventually hang up on me.

In other instances, I try repeatedly to get to the pharmacy during their short opening hours, only to miss them. Then when you do finally make it to the store (if you can manage to find the time), there’s always a huge lineup.

The typical result for me is that I end up waiting until my prescription is completely empty, and more often than not, I’m rushing to the airport and asking the cab to stop at the pharmacy on the way. Definitely not an ideal situation.

Capsule is the online pharmacy that delivers your prescriptions, the same day, for free—all from your phone.

The Solution: Capsule Online Pharmacy

Enter Capsule, the online pharmacy that delivers your prescriptions, the same day, for free—all from your phone. This is one delivery service that will seriously change your life.

To use it, all you have to do is download the easy-to-use app and sign up for free. Capsule will then coordinate with your old pharmacy or doctor to get your prescriptions. That means you can easily transfer an already existing prescription from your current pharmacy to Capsule from within the app. There’s also an easy way to have your doctor send new prescriptions directly to Capsule.

They’ve even got a whole store of over-the-counter items you may need such as Band-Aids, nasal spray and so on, that you can easily order through the app.

A view inside the Capsule App!

Free Delivery within 24 Hours

Your free delivery takes place within 24 hours and you can select the time slot within the app that is best for you. This means you’ll know the exact time period in which your prescriptions will be delivered directly to your door.

Whenever you need a new prescription, just open the app, press refill, enter any other additional information required, then schedule your delivery time. No need to be on hold on the phone with the pharmacy trying to order your new prescription or rushing to get to the pharmacy before they close at some ridiculously early hour. Once you schedule your delivery time, a Capsule courier will deliver your medication to you personally.

Capsule even coordinates with your doctor and texts you when it’s time for refills.

Refills & Coordinating with your Doctor

Capsule even coordinates with your doctor and texts you when it’s time for refills. I also love the fact that you can easily order many over-the-counter items you may need, whether or not you’re ordering a prescription. Because let’s be honest, if you’re sick and having a prescription delivered to your door, you may very well need some other items to aid in your recovery such as tissues, nasal spray, ibuprofen, cold & flu medication and so on.

As a result, Capsule ends up being your one stop shop for everything you need to get back on your feet and back to your busy life. The app is totally free to download and uber convenient, plus they accept insurance.

Try Capsule for Yourself!

Ready to try it for yourself? Stop wasting time in line at the pharmacy or hours on the phone and do it all from the Capsule app instead! Download Capsule today!

Download Capsule today!

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