Geothermal Paradise at the Ion Adventure Hotel

Paradise is Real

 “As a child growing up near the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, we took a lot of family road trips. And we always did so with a great sense of wanderlust. Sure we had a final destination in mind, be it Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise or all the way to Vancouver, but we were never in too much of a rush to get there. We’d see sign for a waterfall on the side of the road and pull over to check it out; or perhaps we’d pass a campsite with a crystal clear stream and dip our feet in, or maybe even stop in at Miette Hot Springs outside of Jasper for a swim. Whatever the reason, family road trips were full of games, snacks and pretty much going wherever the wind took us. As an adult, I love to recreate this same sense of freedom. And Iceland was perfect for that. We had two weeks and literally no plan, so we just got in the car and drove, stopping at anything and everything that looked interesting. And after a day of wanderlusting and adventuring there’s nothing like coming back to a luxurious and secluded hotel, complete with a geothermal fed pool in which to enjoy the fresh Icelandic air and soak away the worries of the outside world. I fell in love with the elegant and cozy design of this hygge filled hotel overlooking a lake, a mountain and a sheep filled field. The Ion Adventure Hotel was truly the stuff of daydreams!” ~ Eileen from @lighttravelsfaster.



  1. Marcella
    February 12, 2020 / 6:35 am

    Looks very beautiful. A place I want to see.

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