My Continuing Journey with CreditRepair.Com – Lawyers Need Credit Repair Too (Law School Isn’t Cheap)!

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Continuing a Credit Repair Journey

Half a Year Since I Signed Up With CreditRepair.Com

For those of you who have been following along with my credit repair journey, you’ll know that I signed up with CreditRepair.Com half a year ago. Wow what a year it’s been since then! With so many other things to worry about in our lives right now, I’m glad to have had the CreditRepair.Com team and their services at my fingertips to make at least one aspect of my life more secure and worry free.

As I Said, Law School Isn’t Cheap!

As I shared in my previous post, 9 years of post-secondary education to become a lawyer was not cheap. Taking out government and bank student loans was extremely stressful and placed a huge burden on my shoulders. I was constantly worried about money and eager to pay it off as quickly as possible. After pounding the pavement and working my butt off, I landed my dream job at the world’s most profitable law firm, Latham & Watkins. This provided a hefty 6-figure salary (after working a mere 90 hours per week), but nevertheless, it still took years for me to pay off my student loans and all the interest they had accumulated. Living in Manhattan isn’t cheap either, so every month, I would pay my rent, leave some money for expenses, then completely empty my bank account putting all the remainder towards paying off my student loans.

Debt Free…Now More From My Credit Repair Journey

I’m now proud to say that I’m debt free and working towards the next goals in life (hello expensive Manhattan condominium!). So when I had the opportunity to work with CreditRepair.Com to repair my credit, I jumped at the chance. 

By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of the reasons why having a great credit score is integral to your overall life, from helping achieve your life goals like purchasing a car or house to simpler things, like a travel credit card that will help you get you where you want to go. But still, I was curious to see what CreditRepair.Com could do for me. 

Your credit score is not set in stone.

What is CreditRepair.Com?

As I explained previously,  CreditRepair.Com is a leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States. They are a team of credit professionals who educate and empower individuals to achieve the credit scores they deserve. 

Their motto is pretty literal. They state that: “[They] help people work to repair their credit, and frankly, no one does it better. In fact, members who signed up in 2018 saw, on average, 28 items challenged on their behalf.” Better credit could save you thousands of dollars in high interest rates. Past clients of CreditRepair.Com have seen an average score increase of 40 points in just four months (* Not all clients saw such a result as all legal cases are different. You should not expect to see the same result and it is not guaranteed.) But what would all of this mean for me? And what exactly is credit repair anyways?

Why is Credit Repair Necessary?

Well, as I discussed previously, it turns out that millions of people have inaccurate or unfair negative items wrongfully affecting their credit score. Credit repair is the process of finding and addressing these questionable items. This means that once you’ve signed up, CreditRepair.Com will challenge the questionable negative items affecting your credit score with all three credit bureaus, helping to ensure that your credit reports are accurate and fair.

By law, creditors are required to verify the negative items they have reported. If they cannot, they are required to stop reporting them. Over time, by challenging each negative item and placing the onus on the creditors to prove the accuracy of such items, negative items are removed from your credit report and your credit score improves. 

In addition, CreditRepair.Com  watches your credit, addressing additional issues as they arise so that you can stay on track and reach your goals.

Credit Repair is the process of repairing negative items on your credit score.

Getting Set-Up with CreditRepair.Com

So knowing all this, I set up my account with CreditRepair.Com and began my credit repair journey. As I explained previously, setting up my account with CreditRepair.Com was absolutely seamless. When dealing with a matter as sensitive as credit, it’s easy to imagine a faceless corporation being insensitive and difficult. Well not so, with CreditRepair.Com. The setup process was so personal and easy, I actually enjoyed talking to my CreditRepair.Com representative. I simply had to provide my name, address and the last 4 digits of my social security number and the CreditRepair.Com team member was able to pull up my credit report and go over it with me. The service felt so personal and meaningful, I can’t remember the last time I experienced that with a company! Since then, every interaction I’ve had with their team has been the same.

Challenging Negative Items on Your Credit Report

After my initial set up, my CreditRepair.Com representative went over my credit report with me and explained what everything meant.

The next step is to select a negative item to challenge. The CreditRepair.Com team then asks you (by phone or email) for the rationale for challenging the item from a list containing items such as “military duty, illness, etc.” And that’s it! From there, the CreditRepair.Com team challenges each and every negative item on your credit report on your behalf.  Bureaus then have 45 to 65 days to respond to the challenge and prove the accuracy of the item reported or it must be removed. 

CreditRepair.Com can challenge negative items on your credit score.

Note that in the case of many competitors, you would be sent the forms to challenge the negative items and instructed to challenge them yourself. I don’t know about you but for me that would be a huge hassle and extremely stressful! CreditRepair.Com, on the other hand, takes care of all the challenges for you. Other than providing the rationale for the challenge, you simply sit back and relax. No need to fill out and send your own challenge letters or anything.

An item can be challenged once every month. If an initial challenge is unsuccessful, the CreditRepair.Com team asks you for more input so they can create a new plan for your unique situation (which they call your “Credit Repair Game Plan”). From there, the CreditRepair.Com team simply keeps going and challenging the negative items until they are removed. Once items are removed, people see their credit score change immediately, which is truly incredible. 

CreditRepair.Com Pricing & Technology

In terms of pricing, CreditRepair.Com has pricing tiers based on the number of items to be challenged per month. Depending upon the package you select, the CreditRepair.Com team will challenge one third of your negative items or up to 4, 6 or 8 items per month per bureau.

CreditRepair.Com’s technology provides members with a personal online dashboard, a credit score tracker and analysis, creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring. I love that the site is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. 

You are more than your credit score!

Understanding Your Credit Score with the Help of CreditRepair.Com

Anytime you want to view your current credit score, you simply login to the CreditRepair.Com website and it’s all laid out for you. For instance, you see the exact number of your score and whether it is characterized as good, very good, exceptional, fair, poor, etc. I particularly like how the site gives you an analysis of your score, which is divided into payment history, amount of debt, length of credit history, new credit and credit mix. These categories make up your credit score and show where you are doing well and where you could improve.

As it turns out, my credit score was pretty good afterall. but I did notice that I could improve on the length of my credit history (since I have not lived in the USA my whole life), and also the credit mix (since I only have credit cards at this point and not mortgages or car loans). Knowing the categories that make up my score helps me see areas that can be improved upon and the path forward; as opposed to simply being given a credit score number and then not knowing how the score can be improved.

As you explore your credit score analysis, CreditRepair.Com even gives you tips on how to improve certain categories that make up your credit score. For instance, in the case of Credit Mix (an area I needed to improve upon, CreditRepair.Com recommends the following: Avoid finance companies, don’t close accounts, open a retail line of credit, or open a new credit card.

The CreditRepair.Com website also allows you to track the status of any negative items that are being challenged by CreditRepair.Com on your behalf so you can see your progress in real time.

Why not take the opportunity to start your own credit journey?!

CreditRepair.Com’s Theft Protection & Finance Manager

Two final key areas of the CreditRepair.Com service I loved are the identity theft protection and finance manager. Identity theft is a huge issue worldwide, and the last think you need to worry about these days is something like that. CreditRepair.Com provides you with Identity Theft Insurance to help you with identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages. They’ll work to help you get your identity back and cover any damages due to fraud. They also provide SSN monitoring, data breach monitoring on your email addresses, and identity theft alerts. All of this is done in real time and you’ll be immediately alerted to any potential issues. This gave me so much added peace of mind!  

Lastly, CreditRepair.Com’s finance manager service helps you master your money and manage your finances with a variety of online tools on their website. You can see all your accounts, including those with other financial institutions, in one place. Every transaction is then automatically categorized so you can spend smarter. View areas where spending should be reduced or where it can be increased. You can also keep your finances on track with a budgeting tool that makes sense and is easy to use. I loved this service and it was so fun to use.

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with my CreditRepair.Com over the past 6 months. From working to improve my credit score, to identity theft monitoring to helping me manage my finances better, this has definitely been a huge value added to my life.

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You are More Than Your Credit Score

Remember, CreditRepair.Com are trusted leaders in credit repair with over 500,000 clients served. What is bad credit costing you? Know your credit. Repair your reports. Live your life. I, for one, am so happy with my results. And as I announced in my previous post, I’m partnering with CreditRepair.Com to help you all start your own credit journey free-of-charge with a very special giveaway. Keep reading to find out more!

Your credit score is not written in stone, and you are more than a credit score. But your credit won’t fix itself. Get help from CreditRepair.Com today with a free consultation and kickstart your credit repair efforts!

Start your credit journey with a special giveaway from CreditRepair.Com

Want help improving your credit score? My team and I are working with CreditRepair.Com to give select followers support from their experienced team! We’ll follow along for 6 months as you work on building your credit. The services will provided free of charge by CreditRepair.Com, who will help identify questionable negative items hurting your credit score, and build a custom game plan for you. They’ll also challenge the bureaus and your creditors to help make your Credit Score more accurate and fair. This opportunity is open to U.S. residents who feels their current score is less-than-ideal, no matter their situation or reason.

If you think you could benefit from this, and would be open to sharing your experience, fill out this form here, and let us know a little about your current credit situation and goals. We’ll notify you if you’ve been selected by December 20. Participants must be U.S. residents. They will not be required to endorse CreditRepair.Com unless they had a genuinely positive experience. *Brought to you in partnership with CreditRepair.Com. #sponsored

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me, @lighttravelsfaster on behalf of Credit

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