We Get To Know Podcast

We Get to Know Podcast

Eileen was recently interviewed by the team at We Get to Know Podcasts. In this hour long podcast, Eileen showcases her expert public speaking skills and flair for storytelling to share with listeners how a Western Canadian girl moved to the Big Apple and became a Wall Street lawyer representing Fortune 100 companies, danced professionally in Toronto and New York, and founded a thriving social media business, all while traveling to over 60 countries. Eileen also shares some great travel hacks and tips for listeners, like how to get free flight stopovers and her five must have items for any traveler! Scroll down to read what the @wegettoknow team had to say about Eileen and click play to listen to her live podcast.👇🏻

Publicity for We Get to Know Podcast with Eileen Rhein

“Eileen from @Lighttravelsfaster is an incredibly inspiring woman hailing from western Canada. Not only is she a successful social media travel influencer but she’s also a tough NYC lawyer, adrenaline junkie, yoga enthusiast, professional dancer, and classical violinist. We were blown away by her ambition and passion to live life to the absolute fullest. You may be wondering how someone accomplishes so much. She shared one tip; she keeps an ongoing to-do list on her phone to help be as productive as possible with her life. Eileen has traveled to over 60 countries and as a result is overflowing with loads of practical travel advice but also a rare joie de vivre. She’s diligent about answering any travel questions you might have and shared with us during the interview how to research free layovers. Listen in to hear how she got started and what drives her to be the inspiration that she is today.” ~ @Wegettoknow

Play to listen to the whole podcast.👇🏻