Lighttravelsfaster founder, Eileen Rhein @Lighttravelsfaster is regularly invited to host and appear at fashion, beauty and lifestyle events in New York City, including New York Fashion Week and New York Men’s Fashion Week Runway shows. In this regard, Eileen has also appeared at and created publicity for the product launch campaigns of numerous international brands such as: Victoria’s Secret fragrances, Charlotte Tillbury Gold Bar makeup, Jose Cuervo’s Margarita Mix, Four Pillars Gin, the Metropolitan Opera Fridays Under 40, Byredo Perfumes, the Museum of Pizza,  and more.  She also appeared at the Flower Beauty launch at Ulta stores and met with Flower Beauty founder, Drew Barrymore. Eileen loves creating hype around new and exciting product launches, and helping companies meet their publicity goals to spread awareness of innovative product and service developments. Head over to “Work with Eileen” for more information on how to involve her in your next brand event. 

Eileen has also been a featured guest on the We Get to Know Podcast and on GlossyBox’s Live Unboxing Interview. She was later interviewed by the GlossyBox team as part of their International Women’s Day Campaign honoring inspirational and trailblazing women. Eileen regularly collaborates with professional photographers seeking to move into the influencer space by creating unique photography and publicity opportunities for both parties. Her own photographic endeavors have also been recognized as featured images on numerous online and offline sources including Conde Nast Traveller Spain, Conde Nast Traveller Middle East, and as the label on a nationally distributed wine bottle with Winc Wine. Head over to the “Media” tab to read the full scoop on Eileen’s media publicity to date or click the photos above.☝?