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Lighttravelsfaster is the braindchild of Eileen Rhein, Esq., a New York City-based travel & lifestyle influencer with over 280,000 followers on Instagram @lighttravelsfaster and author and editor of her successful travel & lifestyle magazine lighttravelsfaster.com. She is also a Corporate Attorney on Wall Street, a violinist and a professional dancer in New York City. This gives her a unique form of professionalism and artistry in her content creation endeavors that led her to found Lighttravelsfaster, Inc. a social media consulting company. Today, Eileen is President & CEO of Lighttravelsfaster, Inc., working with multi-national corporations as diverse as Hilton Hotels, Google & Wells Fargo.

Eileen is an expert on luxury & adventure travel and lifestyle, travelling an average of 4 to 6 months per year and has visited 70 countries, living in 5 of them, accumulating a boatload of experiences along the way. She seeks out luxurious and adventurous locales in destinations known and unknown to convey inspirational travel content that combines artistry and creativity with elegance and professionalism.✈️

As an expert on luxury & adventure travel, Eileen has hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, slept in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, visited the Dalai Lama at the Tibetan Government in Exile in India, trekked through the Colombian Jungle to the Ciudad Perdida (from which the legend of the mythical city of El Dorado came), slept in a Bubble hotel under the Icelandic sky, and enjoyed many a private pool around the world. Eileen has frequently been among the first guests at luxury hotels worldwide and has a knack for finding hidden gems in up and coming destinations.✨

Eileen has seen many of the world’s great wonders, from the Taj Mahal in India, to Paris’s great Eiffel Tower, to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, to Machu Picchu in Peru, and of course, New York’s very own Statue of Liberty. Eileen also loves a good adventure sport, having grown up skiing and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains and waterskiing on Canadian lakes. Since then, she’s learned to kite-board in Brazil, to surf in Bali, to scuba-dive in Thailand and to sail in St. Lucia. She’s also had the opportunity to attend various world festivals, from Oktoberfest in Germany, to the FIFA Euro Cup in France, to the closing parties of Ibiza, Spain.?

But Eileen is not only an adventure-junkie and travel enthusiast. She has also excelled in the corporate and artistic worlds. First becoming a lawyer in Canada, Eileen later made her way to New York City and became a corporate attorney on Wall Street. Today she represents many of the worlds Fortune 100 companies in front-page-making merger and acquisition transactions. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Eileen has 8 years of post-secondary education, having received a Bachelor of Commerce, a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Law in Corporate Law. ?? 

Adding to that, Eileen is also a classically trained violinist and professional dancer, training in each since the age of 4. As an adult, she danced professionally in both Toronto, Canada and New York City, before helping found the New York based dance company, the Tropicana Queens NY, in which she performs today. As a violinist, Eileen has performed in string quartets throughout Canada and the US. Recently, Eileen’s artistic caliber has also been recognized in her photography, which has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller Spain, Conde Nast Traveller Middle East and as the label on a nationally distributed wine bottle from Winc Wine. Eileen strives to lead a well balanced life and regularly speaks on empowerment and motivational topics in her live videos and instagram stories. Whether at home in New York City or abroad, she practices yoga 5 times a week, regularly leading classes for friends and family.✨

It is this combination of professionalism and artistry that led Eileen to found ‘@Lighttravelsfaster’ in 2017 – a digital travel, fashion and lifestyle magazine – in order to share her trips, tips and tricks with the world. Read below for a snippet of Eileen’s recent interview with GlossyBox in which she discusses the founding of the @Lighttravelsfaster Magazine and her goals in content creation. ??

From traditional office setting to on-the-go journalist and editor, what inspired you to create your own Magazine? Where did the courage to write come from?

“As a corporate lawyer, I read and write for a living. But I’m also a classical musician and have danced my whole life. Today I help manage and dance in a professional dance company here in New York, so writing provides me an additional artistic outlet to balance my job as a corporate lawyer. Writing, photography, and videography come naturally to me after a lifetime of creating for and performing on stages big and small. But performance is also just that – a performance. In journalism, there is no set presentation, no performance to hide behind, so it took courage to put myself out there. Some writers create a persona they use in social media, a filtered version of themselves. I wanted to be true and authentic. So, like many artistic endeavors, it really involved opening my chest and showing my heart to my readers.” ~Eileen @Lightravelsfaster

What would draw someone to your magazine/content? What is your goal for each post?

“I write about exciting and adventurous destinations around the world, some far-flung and others well known, and the lifestyle that goes with it. I would say readers are drawn to my content for an escape from the every day, to learn of adventurous new locales, and to inspire their own future journeys, all while looking stylish, being prepared with the right products, and armed with knowledge of the destination. I’m also an eternal optimist, and readers are attracted to the positivity that appears in my posts.

The name Lighttravelsfaster came from the physics law that ‘light travels faster than sound.’ Photos capture light, I write about travel, and so the name was born. My posts convey a similar theme. In each, I try to inspire and provide a glimpse of something out of the ordinary, an escape from the mundane with a philosophical quote, and then provide some actual information about the destination being described. So my goal is for my readers to leave inspired by a beautiful photo of a dreamy destination and a thoughtful quote, and having learned something new about the place. I tend to simply write from the heart and this authenticity comes through in my writing. Of course, it takes courage to express myself in that manner, but I think my readers appreciate my candidness.” ~Eileen @Lightravelsfaster

These days, Eileen has a packed schedule of working full time as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, dancing professionally in evenings and weekends in New York, and managing her thriving social media business –  ‘Lighttravelsfaster.’ Through work, social media and leisure, she travels an average of 4 to 6 months per year and is always on the lookout for her next adventure!✨

Follow her on Instagram @lighttravelsfaster and join us for exciting adventures, insightful observations and travel tips and tricks as we journey through light ‘faster than sound’ with Lighttravelsfaster!✈️



Because Life is Adventure or Nothing at All!

~Eileen @lighttravelsfaster