Roaming with Icelandic Horses

Where Horses Wander and Elves Reside

“Before travelling to Iceland I had heard stories of the beautiful Icelandic horses that roam the countryside. They are a rare breed, unique to Iceland, with extra thick hair and long manes to help withstand the cold Icelandic weather. But I had no idea how beautiful they actually would be.  Naturally, as we drove the ring road around Iceland, I took every opportunity to stop to pet, feed and photograph these beauties. Interestingly enough, I became something of a horse whisperer. No one was ever able to feed the horses or pet them for long periods of time but me! So here I am having just fed an apple to this beautiful guy. He even looked like he was smiling! Perhaps it’s because we have the same hair?! What do you think?”~ Eileen from @lighttravelsfaster.


Eileen Rhein

Eileen is a New York based, Canadian born, travel, fashion and lifestyle influencer and founder of Lighttravelsfaster. She has 80k+ followers on Instagram, is a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, as well as a professional dancer and an acclaimed travel journalist. Eileen travels approximately 6 months per year, has visited over 65 countries and is an expert in luxury & adventure travel and lifestyle.

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