Sweating in the Oslo Fjord on Kok Oslo Sauna Boats: My Experience at Kok Oslo, Norway

Arriving at Kok Oslo, Norway’s floating saunas in the heart of Oslo!

Scandinavia and Sweating

One of my favorite things about Scandinavia is the emphasis on getting hot when it’s cold outside. Whether that’s a sauna in Sweden or a natural hot spring in Iceland, Nordic peoples love a good winter sweat. Of course, after getting hot in a sauna, you’ll have to cool off by jumping in the icy sea or even through a hole cut in a frozen lake or pond.

Sound like it’s not for you? I didn’t think so either, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to jump into a frigid body of water after sharing a few beers and sweating your buns off with your newfound Scandinavian friends (peer pressure included).

The first jump is pretty difficult…and I’ll admit there’s usually some screaming and swearing involved for me. But thereafter, it’s really refreshing and you’ll find yourself going back for more over and over again.

Kok Oslo: Boat Saunas in the Oslo Fjord

On our first night in Norway over Thanksgiving, we headed straight to one of the best sauna experiences I’ve ever had. The saunas at Kok Oslo are located on individual boats moored in the Oslo Fjord! You can rent one for a private event with up to 10-14 people or join in on the public sessions. It’s BYOB so we brought a nice bottle of German Riesling we had picked up at Duty Free (alcohol in Norway is MUY CARO so buy it a duty free, seriously!).

Since it’s a small boat, they don’t have changing rooms or fresh water, so you’ll need to bring your own water as well and be prepared to change under your towel. But thereafter, you’ll have one of the most incredible sauna experiences ever. Imagine floating on a boat, gazing out the window at the Oslo fjord and the beautiful Oslo Opera House, then jumping in the refreshing North Sea. It’s a wood burning sauna so the heat is also milder than with coals.

Arriving at Kok Oslo moored at Langkaia in Oslo.

You even have the option to join in on one of their Sauna Cruises in which the sauna boat is unmoored and actually sails around the Oslo Fjord!! These take place during the day, so we didn’t have the chance to take one, but simply being moored at Langkaia was amazing. I can only imagine how incredible it would be to sail around the Oslo archipelago while sweating and swimming.

All I can say is…I’ll be back!

If you too are sold on a visit to Kok Oslo, read on to find out how to do it.

Visiting Kok Oslo 

Bookings for Kok Oslo can be made online at https://www.kokoslo.no. The cost per person is kr 200 ($22 USD at the time of writing) for the community sauna experience while moored at Langkaia, and kr 490 ($55 USD) per person for the Sauna Cruise. Renting a private sauna for a group starts at kr 1800 ($203 USD) for 2 hours for up to 10 people while a private Sauna Cruise around the Oslo Fjord is kr 4900 ($551 USD) for 3 hours.

Spotting the saunas upon arrival can be somewhat difficult, so simply look for the small boats directly across the water from the Oslo Opera House. You enter by walking on top of the boat and going down the stairs. The boat master will greet you there and provide information on your sauna experience. From there, get ready to enjoy!

Check out the video below for a recap of my sauna experience at Kok Oslo. You can unmute the video with the volume controls!

My amazing experience at Kok Oslo.

You can also see more from my Kok Oslo experience on my Instagram @lighttravelsfaster by clicking the photos below! Don’t forget to follow along for more tips and tricks from luxurious and adventurous destinations from around the world!

Happy sweating everyone!

Happy sweating everyone! If you decide to go, make sure to let me know! I love hearing that others enjoy something as much as me! Stay tuned for more amazing experiences you can have when you visit Oslo, Norway!

Stay tuned for more from Oslo!

Disclosure: Our experience at Kok Oslo was sponsored. However, all opinions are my own. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details. Thank you for your support!

~Eileen Rhein from @lighttravelsfaster


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