Wake Up America! Staying On-Top of Your Prescription Medications with Walgreens!

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The Problem: Drug Adherence in America

33% of prescriptions go entirely unfilled. Press PLAY to hear more!

Did you know that nearly 50% of patients in America don’t take their medication as prescribed?! They may forget to take it at the same time each day, miss a day entirely, or neglect to finish all of their medication. Some dump the remainder down the drain, throw it in the trash, or leave the unfinished bottle in the house for ‘later use.’ This can pollute our waters and result in all sorts of health complications for you and for others!

In other cases, patients simply don’t realize the importance of taking their medication on schedule, find it inconvenient to do so, or do not fully understand how their medication should be taken. Indeed, drug adherence is such an issue in the United States that nearly 100 million Americans do not follow their prescription requirements correctly, while 33% of prescriptions go entirely unfilled. The effects of this are particularly problematic for the nearly 60% of Americans that have been diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases, half of whom, according to Walgreens SVP of Marketing Adam Holyk, do not take their daily medicine as prescribed.

The Solution: Walgreens’ Call to Action!

Walgreens is letting us know that when we don’t take our medication as prescribed, we are risking our health!

That’s why I’m so happy to hear that Walgreens is helping to address this issue with their new campaign – America’s Wake Up Call – which calls attention to the problem of prescription drug adherence in America and helps patients stay on top of their medication regimen with the new Walgreens App. Through this, Walgreens is letting us know that when we don’t take our medication as prescribed, we are risking our health!

Why Drug Adherence Matters to Me

I take prescription medication every day.

Because of a thyroid surgery I had as a teenager, I’ve been on prescription medication every day of my life since then. I take it at the same time each day, no matter where in the world my travels take me. I finish the entire bottle and make sure I have a refill ready before I run out. It’s not easy – especially when travelling on transoceanic flights or when I’m feeling jet lagged overseas! So many years of taking it have made it a routine for me, but I still miss a day now and then. In addition, whenever new medications are added to my regimen, I find it difficult to take them consistently.

My Experience with the Walgreens App

The Walgreens app is free to download and easy to use.

Thankfully, Walgreens is making it easier for me to stay on top of my medication, with their new app! I can use it to help me remember to take my medication each day until it’s complete by setting a daily pill reminder. The app also has tools that allow me to ask questions about my medication 24/7 via their Pharmacy Chat! I’ll definitely be using this feature while out of town! I can set up auto-refills for my prescriptions (instead of scrambling to the pharmacy the day before my bottle runs out), and even use the app to skip the pharmacy line in stores. But one of the very best aspects of the new Walgreens app is the ability to have my medication delivered directly to my home! So between the daily medication reminders, scheduled auto-refills and prescription delivery direct to my home, the Walgreens app has me covered! Plus it’s free to download and extremely easy to use!

Spread the Word!

Wake Up America! Take your medication as prescribed!

The Walgreens app tools are meant to make getting and taking medication easy and simple, addressing two of the key reasons people don’t take their medication: forgetfulness and convenience. In-store pharmacists are still the first place I go for education on how to take my prescriptions, but I love the convenience of the Walgreens app for when I’m out of town, or simply can’t make it to the pharmacy in person.

Help spread the word on the important issue of prescription drug adherence by using the red telephone hashtag on social media: #☎️! Download the Walgreens app for yourself or talk to your local pharmacist for more information! Prescription drug adherence benefits us all, so Wake Up America!

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Wake up America! The Walgreens app make it easier for you to manage your prescription medications.

~Eileen Rhein from @lighttravelsfaster