Want to Travel in 2021? Use These Budget-Friendly, COVID-Safe Tips

Ready to Travel Again?

By Guest Author Jesse Clark, Photos from Pexels

After one year of little to no travel for many, those driven by a sense of wanderlust are eagerly awaiting their first real vacation. With life slowly returning to normal, the list of places one can travel to is starting to build. For those who cannot wait to get out and explore safely — and who also want to stay on a budget — there are more options than there have been in a long while.

Want to plan a getaway this year? Lighttravelsfaster shares their top recommendations for planning a budget-friendly, COVID-19-safe trip in 2021.

Go Glamping

Even during the height of the pandemic, camping was consistently ranked as one of the safest activities. Minimal contact with others, open outdoor spaces, and little to no shared surfaces have made it an ideal strategy for getting away.

With COVID-19 numbers trending downward, it is now much safer to upgrade your camping trip. Instead of spending a weekend in your own tent, consider going glamping. For those who are unfamiliar, the term glamping is a simple mashup of the words “glamourous” and “camping” — and it implies exactly what one would imagine.

Luxury tents, yurts, and domes are adorned with lights, air conditioning, comfortable beds, and sometimes a television. While a far cry from the original yurts of Central Asia, these picturesque, Instagram-worthy campsites provide clean accommodations and the safety of being away from crowds and public spaces. Depending on where you look, these sites can often be found at a bargain (between $80-$120/night).

Opt for a Vacation Rental

If glamping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options available. While hotels across the nation have significantly enhanced their cleaning procedures, it may still somewhat risky to be around crowds and in public spaces. This is especially true if you book at a busier resort with numerous points of contact.

As an alternative, consider renting a private villa or book your travel accommodations with one of the leading vacation rental platforms — such as Airbnb or Vrbo. Each of these companies has established COVID-19 cleaning policies and safety measures for their hosts and guests. When you stay at a property from one of these businesses, you’ll likely never come into contact with anyone. There are usually no public spaces, and shared points of contact are at a minimum. Plus, you can find an Airbnb or Vrbo rental for much less than a standard hotel room, making it the budget-friendly choice.

Drive to Your Destination

Taking a flight to your destination is often more expensive — and may expose you to more viruses — than driving. Airports are almost always busy, making it easier for viruses to spread. When you drive or take a roadtrip, you have more control over where you go, the surfaces you touch, and how many people you come into contact with.

Cost-Effective Products That Will Make Your Trip Even Safer

Whether your trip is for a few days or for an entire week, make it safer with cost-effective products. Prior to leaving, purchase items such as face masks, all-purpose wipes, hand sanitizer, and contactless door opening tools. You can save money while you shop by taking advantage of a few options. Before you start your shopping spree, look for Target coupons (and use a Target promo code when shopping online) to help save on all your purchases.

In addition to these recommendations, be sure to follow all local guidelines in place. Some of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are also the least expensive.

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Travel safe and prepared in 20201.

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