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Lighttravelsfaster is a luxury & adventure travel and lifestyle magazine by New York City tastemakers and founder, Eileen Rhein, esq. As a New York City based, Canadian born Influencer, Eileen @lighttravelsfaster has almost 500,000 readers and followers between her social media sites, and digital magazine. We can assist your brand in expanding its product awareness, reaching its target market and achieving a desired Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for any marketing campaign. 

Our founder, Eileen Rhein, is a practicing corporate lawyer on Wall Street and a professional dancer who understands the importance of professionalism and artistry in corporate marketing. As an attorney, she represents many of the worlds Fortune 100 companies in headline-making merger and acquisition transactions. At the same time, the rigors of content creation, photography, and videography come naturally to Eileen after a lifetime of creating for and performing on stages big and small as a dancer and choreographer. Eileen applies these same principals of artistry and professionalism to her Instagram and influencer activities, combining a keen knowledge of marketing strategy with an artistic and creative eye.  Having worked with brands as diverse as Anantara Hotels, Bobbi Brown, Coca Cola, Neutrogena, MARS, Walmart, and Google, she creates photography and video content that showcases the use of these products in adventurous and unique global destinations. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Eileen has 8 years of post-secondary education, ultimately receiving a Bachelor of Commerce, a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Law in Corporate Law.


Lighttravelsfaster founder, Eileen Rhein has travelled to 71+ countries, is an expert in luxury and adventure travel and speaks English and Spanish. Eileen has danced professionally in both Toronto, Canada and New York City, before helping found the New York based dance company, the Tropicana Queens NY, in which she performs today. She is also a classically trained violinist, performing in string quartets throughout Canada and the US. Recently, Eileen’s artistic caliber has also been recognized in her photography, which has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller Spain, Conde Nast Traveller Middle East and as the label on a nationally distributed wine bottle from Winc Wine. Eileen strives to lead a well balanced life and regularly speaks on empowerment and motivational topics in her live videos and Instagram stories. Whether at home in New York City or abroad, she practices yoga 5 times a week, regularly leading classes for friends and family.✨

Eileen presents only her own work and is committed to collaborating with and promoting brands she believes in to create synergy and improve product performance. Products are shot in iconic locations in New York City or in other unique global destinations. To date, Eileen has produced hundreds of sponsored posts for travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands as presented on her Instagram page @lighttravelsfaster, the Lightravelsfaster Magazine and most recently, her YouTube page. 

Click on the images above to view a selection of her hotel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and modeling work, or view more Instagram posts on @lighttravelsfaster.


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  • Small Business & Influencer Legal Services (via Eileen Rhein, esq. as Counsel for the Law Office of Katerina I. Duarte) 


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