Modelling Collaborations


Professional Photographers and Lightravelsfaster, NYC Influencer

While Eileen produces most of her own photography and videography, she regularly collaborates with professional photographers seeking to move into the Influencer space by creating unique photography and publicity opportunities for both parties. As a professional dancer, Eileen understands the intricacies of posing for photographers and has a natural poise and grace that makes her easy to work with for any professional. Eileen works both in studio and on location, whether for glamor shots, swimsuit modelling or casual looks. To date, she has modeled for professional photographers in:

  • New York
  • Paris
  • Canada
  • Mexico
 Scroll down for a selection of Eileen’s influencer modelling work with internatinationlly renowned professional photographers, or view more Instagram posts on @lighttravelsfaster.👇🏻